Visit of travel business and mass media representatives of the Republic of Latvia to Chernihiv

From the 16th to the 19th of September the four-day informative and presentation tour around the city and Chernihiv region was held for the representatives of the travel business and mass media of the Republic of Latvia.

Upon the initiative and with the support of the Honorary Consul Olena Vyshniakova, the delegation of Latvian businessmen and officials visited Chernihiv.

September the 4th. The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia Olena Vyshnіakova visited the exhibition of Vera Shevchenko and the group of psychologists-volunteers “OK” “Unity - a force that creates history. Dedicated to Ukrainian volunteers”.

Latvia sends aid to the front

Military conflict in Eastern Ukraine has already lasted more than a year. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, destroyed houses, physical and psychological trauma... Of course, these events cannot leave the international community indifferent. Even countries, that have declared neutrality to the political and military conflict (e.g., Israel), provide humanitarian and medical assistance to Ukrainian people. The EU announced economic sanctions against the Russian Federation; the EU tries to facilitate arrangement of the existing conflict.

Ukrainian psychologists spent two months in Latvia

The events on the East of Ukraine leave no one indifferent. Everyone is trying to make a contribution: someone goes to fight, someone becomes a volunteer and helps to shoe, to equip and to feed the army, someone brings food and medicine, supports the families of killed and the injured warriors. Psychologists are reclassifying to work with post-traumatic syndrome; they are to help military men and civilians to cope with the horrors of the war and to adjust to peaceful life. And the list of possible volunteer activities is endless. Ukraine has shown the world a fabulous, unrivaled example of the unity of the nation, when in a few weeks an army of volunteers helped the existing regular army not to break down. It was a great achievement and a miracle. But sometimes the volunteers need help and support as well.

Skills improvement program for Ukrainian psychologists started in Chernihiv

On Saturday, August 1st, under the patronage of the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia in Chernihiv region and with the assistance of the LatviArt Cultural Center a new project started. It was Ms. Olena Vyshniakova who initiated the visit of a famous psychologist to Chernihiv.

Children who lost parents during ATO are undergoing rehabilitation in the Latvian Crisis Center.

A small Latvian town of Smiltene warmly greeted a group of young Ukrainian guests. Military operations in Eastern Ukraine left no one indifferent. Almost all European countries have already offered their rehabilitation assistance to the wounded and injured in the ATO area. Latvia was among the first countries that extended a helping hand to Ukrainian children who suffered from any kind of military activities.

Latvian delegation from Ogre visited Chernihiv

Recently Latvian delegation from Ogre, headed by Artūrs Mangulis, the Chairman of the Ogre Municipality Council, had a meeting with Olena Vyshniakova, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia, and representatives of Chernihiv City Council. A number of issues were discussed within the meeting, including enhancement of cooperation between the two countries, Latvian aid in cultural and social spheres.

My European future

Cultural center “LatviArt” at the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia was opened in Chernihiv just several months ago and became one of the centers of cultural life of the city.

Ukraine and Latvia - cooperation in economic, social and humanitarian spheres

Ukraine and Latvia deepen cooperation. Latvia intends to develop cooperation with countries that share borders with the EU. Ukraine is ready to take over Latvian experience and support. Being EU presiding country since January 1, 2015, Latvia contributes to the development of Ukraine.

Latvi Art Cultural Center invites you to visit the exhibition devoted to the history of Independence of Latvia

Our exhibition is dedicated to the Latvian people long-term fight for independence and freedom.