On June, 17 Day of the Latvian culture was held in Chernihiv. The event was supported by Honorary Consulate of Latvia in Chernihiv and Chernihiv region, Embassy of Latvia in Ukraine and the LatviArt cultural center.

During the day, residents and visitors of Chernihiv could visit the Jugendstil in Riga and Latvia exhibition, Green Scene festival, LATVIA SIGHTSEEING exhibition, Midsummer / Yani day informative exhibition, open-air screening of Latvian films, excellent works of hand-made masters, performance of Latvian musician Laima Jansone and authentic concert dedicated to the summer solstice.

As Olena Vyshniakova, Honorary Consul of Latvia, stated Ukrainians are familiar with the culture of such countries as Italy or Spain, which are far from us mentally, and know very little about the traditions and culture of Latvia, with which we have common historical roots.

Day of the Latvian culture in Chernihiv is held for the second time. This year Deputy Ambassador of Latvia to Ukraine Ligita Davidova, Latvian director Olafs Okonovs, Latvian musician, ethnomusicologist Laima Jansone arrived to present culture of the friendly country.

To open the Jugendstil in Riga and Latvia exhibition came Ukrainian MP, Leader of the inter-parliamentary relations with the Republic of Latvia Oleksandr Kodola.

Kokle, jugendstil, Midsummer / Jani day – there is something similar in Ukraine. Ukrainian jugendstil in architecture, interior and applied art is more known as Art Nouveau and neoromanticism.

In Ukraine Midsummer / Jani day is celebrated just under a different name and is dedicated to the summer solstice. Nowhere in the world people celebrate the summer solstice as in Latvia: it is a public holiday there, and June, 23-24 are the official weekend. Ligo is the deity of fun, Janes – of fertility. Therefore, in Latvia on these days people drink traditional drink - beer, eat traditional cheese with caraway and in some regions they even organize “naked races”.

The sound of the Latvian folk instrument kokle reminds Ukrainian bandore, but it itself is absolutely authentic. “With kokle I play folk songs and modern music”, said musician Laima Jansone. She arrived to Chernihiv with a copy of kokle of the 19th century.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia Olena Vyshniakova thanked the participants and guests of Day of the Latvian culture: “I want to thank everyone who attended our holiday - Day of the Latvian culture in Chernihiv. Such a day is a good annual tradition and more and more people are attending our events every year. I sincerely thank everyone who helped us to organize and host this event, and I hope that the annual celebration of the culture will help to develop friendly relations and cooperation between Latvians and Ukrainians even more”.