On October 24th a group of children whose fathers died in the ATO on the East of Ukraine will visit Latvian city Ogre during autumn holidays. the group will consist of 15 children and 5 adults to accompany their trip to Latvia. The group will be headed by Tetiana Kuznetsova-Molodcha, the Director of the City Centre of Social Services for Children, Youth and Family.

Today, on October 23th children and their parents met with Olexandr Sokolov, the Mayor of Chernihiv and Olena Vyshniakova, the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Chernihiv. As Mr. Sokolov admitted, young Chernihiv citizens will become ambassadors of peace and will be able to make friendship with Latvian children, to strengthen and relax.

He said that Chernihiv and Ogre have friendly relations for a few years. "Today citizens of Ogre support the Ukrainians in their struggle for independence and territorial integrity of their country", he said.

Moreover, the Chernihiv Mayor thanked Ms. Vyshniakova for her assistance in organizing the trip.

The Honorary Consul said that this is the second group which goes to Latvia this year. "Latvia is a small country with big heart and supports Ukraine", said the Honorary Consul.

She also noted that active role in organizing this trip was played by Chernihiv city council and municipality of Ogre city. Several similar trips for young Chernihiv citizens are planned to be organized next year.

The participants of the meeting exchanged gifts. Olena Vyshniakova recieved a picture from children of Chernihiv and flowers from Olexandr Sokolov. They promised to meet after the holidays in order to share their impressions of Latvia.