Dedicated to the Ukrainian volunteers

Today an exhibition of Vira Shevchenko art works and Overground-K group is taking place in cultural and educational center LatviArt.

Olena Vyshniakova, the Honorary Consul, and Vira Shevchenko, psychologist and artist, got to know each other when the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Latvia facilitated sending Ukrainian psychologists on rehabilitation and recreation to Latvia. By the way, from that tour the artist got an inspiration for creating several woks exhibited.

Being impressed by Ms. Shevchenko charisma and Overground-K group creativity, the Honorary Consul insisted on holding an exhibition of their works in Chernihiv. In such a way this exhibition came to LatviArt.

For your attention is an exhibition of milling fabrics pictures and ceramics. Each work of art bears a part of artist’s soul. It should be mentioned that about 700 ceramic averters were already presented to our defenders. To help those who fight arms in hands and protect sovereignty and inviolability of Ukrainian borders today is an affair of honor of every conscious citizen. Vira Shevchenko and Overground-K group do the same thing.

After exhibiting in Chernihiv, works of art will be sent to Latvian Republic, where exhibits will be sold. All money raised will be spent for volunteerism.

Exhibition in Chernihiv will be opened till October 11, 2015 for free in LatviArt with the support of the Honorary Consulate in the Republic of Latvia in Chernihiv city.

Vira Shevchenko is an artist, psychologist, art therapist, coordinator of Psychologist Crisis Service in Irpin city Hospital, active member of Ukrainian Association of experts in overcoming of psycho-traumatic event consequences.

Overground-K group exists since 2006 at the psychological workshop on synaesthesis phenomenon research of Vira Shevchenko. Members of the group are Polina Shadrina, Viacheslav Shadrin, Alisa Sliusar, Evhen Sliusar, Sergii Tokarchuk, Yana Salakhova.