One of the greatest performances in Latvia was shown in Chernihiv

On the occasion of the 150th birthday anniversary of Latvian playwright and poet Janis Rainis, under the patronage of the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Chernihiv Olena Vyshniakova, his most famous performance "Blow the wind!" was brought to Chernihiv.

On the 17th of September in Chernihiv Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater after Taras Shevchenko, Chernihiv citizens and guests were able to enjoy the magic of creation of known and respected Latvian poet, playwright and politician. For Latvians works of Janis Rainis are the embodiment of originality and uniqueness of Latvian people. At the invitation of Mrs.

Vyshniakova with a single performance a troupe from Lviv National Academic Ukrainian Drama Theatre after Maria Zankovetska visited Chernihiv. In order to show the performance for Chernihiv citizens "Blow the wind!" is the story where each character”s step is the step of love. Each spectator in this performance by Honoured Artist of Ukraine Vadym Sikorskii can find something native and familiar, as the performance goes far beyond routine realism and brings us into the symbolic world of images and feelings. The song "Blow the wind!" and all musical background created an atmosphere of free flight.

Highly respected guests from the Republic of Latvia, artists, educators, and, of course, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia Olena Vyshniakova visited the event.

"One of the Honorary Consulate tasks is presenting the culture of the country which it represents. Dealing with the country, you have to respect its heritage and introduce it to other people because we know so little about friendly Latvians, their customs, traditions, works and achievements in the field of art, literature etc.

Talking about Latvian culture the first thing that appears in one’s mind is Janis Rainis. It is a great honour and luck that the Lviv National Theatre after M. Zankovetska chose "Blow the wind!" performance. The song sounding during the performance is considered to be the second anthem of Latvia.

The performance ""Blow the wind!" is an incredible gift from the troupe for everybody. This is only the first huge step in getting acquainted with the culture of Latvia ", the Honorary Consul of Latvia in Chernihiv Olena Vyshniakova noted.