Latvia sends aid to the front

Military conflict in Eastern Ukraine has already lasted more than a year. Hundreds of thousands of refugees, destroyed houses, physical and psychological trauma... Of course, these events cannot leave the international community indifferent. Even countries, that have declared neutrality to the political and military conflict (e.g., Israel), provide humanitarian and medical assistance to Ukrainian people. The EU announced economic sanctions against the Russian Federation; the EU tries to facilitate arrangement of the existing conflict.

Since proclamation of independence Latvia and Ukraine have always maintained friendly relations. Both countries are former republics of the Soviet Union, so both of them have experienced many misfortunes of the communist regime. Hunger, occupation, repression and deportation - these are the terrible pages of history of Latvian and Ukrainian people.

Today, the Republic of Latvia is helping and supporting the people of Ukraine. Ukrainian children from the zone of military conflict are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation in Latvia; the Republic of Latvia sends clothing and medicine, offers its hospitals and health centers for migrators and injured people.

A significant part of programs is implemented with the active assistance of the Member of the Saeima, Chairman of the deputy group for interparliamentary relations with Ukraine, Secretary of the Committee of State Administration and Local Self-Government Ainars Mezhulis and the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Chernihiv region, Ukraine Olena Vyshniakova.

Together with the fund Saules Kalns Ms. Vyshniakova and Mr. Mezhulis organized the delivery of humanitarian load from Latvia.

More than 10 tons of cargo came to Ukraine: men's, women's and children's clothing and shoes. The help is for ATO fighters of Luhansk region, as well as for soldiers who are undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. The part of the load will be distributed among the families who, inspite of the war, are still living in Luhansk region - the civilians; part of the children's clothes will be sent to the orphanage. A number of packages is for the families of killed and wounded in the ATO zone warriors. The humanitarian aid is also intended for the families of migrants who moved to Chernihiv and Chernihiv region.

"Often migrants are deprived of the basic necessities. People ran away from war, taking nothing but what they were dresses in. The war destroyed the houses, stole friends and relatives, crippled lives, health and psychics. There is also a significant part of people who have nowhere to run. They continue to survive in a war zone in inhuman living conditions, often even without food. Helping these people according to the abilities is a task of every not indifferent person. Ukrainian people showed the world a real miracle of the nation’s unity, when volunteer services from the scratch clothed, shod and provided the army with the necessities. But the forces of volunteers are not endless, in addition, the financial situation of Ukrainians have really deteriorated over the last year. I understand that the humanitarian aid we have brought is just a drop in the sea, however, if this will facilitate the life of at least several refugee families, we are working not in vain. We will keep implementing such humanitarian programs as long as it will be necessary"- assured Olena Vyshniakova the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Latvia in Chernigiv